david lynch The Films of David Lynch

A lengthy analysis of the films of David Lynch.

dennis potter Dennis Potter & The Singing Detective

Dennis Potter's thematic preoccupations as expressed in The Singing Detective.

british film resource
british film resource british film resource

A History of British Film
An overview of the development of the British Film Industry from the early pioneers, through World Wars One and Two, to the rise of the film industry's most fearsome rival, television.

Early British Comedy
How British Comedy made the move out of the Music Halls and into the cinemas.

Early Hitchcock
A look at Hitchcock's early British films of the 1930's, examining some of his themes in their infancy with detailed analysis of Sabotage and Blackmail.

Introduction to Humphrey Jennings
An examination of the key wartime documentary films of Humphrey Jennings.

Humphrey Jennings and Third Cinema.
A re-evaluation of the films of Humphrey Jennings as an early proponent of the radical Third Cinema movement.

The Stars Look Down / The Proud Valley - Conflict and Unity
On first impression both The Stars Look Down and The Proud Valley seem very similar films, released in the same year and dealing with very similar themes. But on further examination they couldn't be more different.

The Renaissance of the 1980s
A renaissance happened in British Cinema in the 1980's. Attendence was up, production was up and we were producing some of the best films in the world. At least that's what the industry would have us believe. Was it true?

Film On Four
How Britain's Fourth TV Channel came to the rescue of British Film.